Yale University Press and The New Republic Launch New Publishing Imprint

Yale University Press is pleased to announce the launch of a new publishing initiative with The New Republic magazine — Yale/TNR books.   This exclusive partnership aims to produce books and pamphlets that present a range of perspectives on American and International politics as well as the world of arts, letters, and culture.  Timely and thought-provoking, Yale/TNR books will be engaging and scholarly, living up to The New Republic’s distinguished tradition of journalism and Yale University Press’s history of excellence in scholarship.

John Donatich, Director of Yale University Press, is looking forward to this new collaboration. “I am so pleased to welcome TNR Books to Yale,” he said. “To be able to develop a publishing program that tries to sort out the values of our democracy with one of the leading intellectual and political publications of our day is a massive opportunity — one we need now more than ever.”  Martin Peretz, Editor-In-Chief of The New Republic, says “The New Republic is deeply satisfied by its book imprint partnership with the Yale University Press.  The Yale Press made its mark as one of the two or three most distinguished scholarly houses in the country.  But, in recent years, it has also published many books that appeal to and challenge that intelligent and educated general reader.  Our publishing program will be a continuing part of that effort to bring challenging ideas and fresh perspectives on politics and history to the literate public.”

Books in the series will be commissioned by editors in both offices.  Yale University Press is pleased to announce the first three books signed in the series:  New Republic Editor-in-Chief Martin Peretz will be writing on Israel in Choosing Jerusalem: Zionism and the Transformation of the Jews; New Republic Foreign Editor Joshua Kurlantzick is writing on China’s growing influence in the realm of soft power; and Michael Makovsky is writing on Churchill and Zionism.  The books will begin to appear in print as soon as the fall of 2006.  Keith Condon is the editor in the Yale University Press New Haven office managing the series.

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