The Art of Frederick Sommer

The Art of Frederick Sommer: Photography, Drawing, Collage: Keith F. Davis The Art of Frederick Sommer, winner of the 2005 Golden Light Award, Book of the Year, continues to receive accolades and enthusiastic reviews in publications across the country. American Photo (Jan/Feb 2006) includes the book among the “Best Photo Books of the Year,” and says, “This hefty retrospective of Sommer’s vast output demonstrates the artist’s many gifts and guises through the 20th century: surrealist photographer, evocative poet, biological explorer, graphic sketch-maker, and possessor of unquenchable curiosity and a vast imagination.”

The book is also listed among the “10 Commendable Photographic Books” in Camera Arts (Dec 2005/Jan 2006). “This lavish monograph,” the accompanying review says, “will be best appreciated by those who appreciate people who are very, very smart.”

The Art of Frederick Sommer chronicles the extraordinary life and work of Frederick Sommer (1905–1999), one of the great masters and key innovators in the history of art photography. The book describes and documents the full extent of the artist’s achievement as a twentieth-century visionary, making it a revelation for scholars, artists, students, and everyone who admires and appreciates creative genius.

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