David Hockney Portraits

HockneyA fifty-year retrospective devoted to the portraiture of David Hockney, the most well-known British artist of his generation, is currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The exhibition contains more than 150 of Hockney’s portraits of family members, fellow artists, companions—and himself—in diverse media, from his early drawings and paintings to his recent explorations in photography and camera lucida drawings.

According to a review that appeared last week in the New York Times, David Hockney Portraits is highlighted by a group of “magical works” from Hockney’s realist period, when he was creating portraits “as intimate as they were monumental and as poetically thrilling as they were visually lucid,” the best of which “can still be counted among the most memorable artworks of the postmodern era.” The exhibition also highlights the fascinating range of Hockney’s creative practice over five decades, portraying him “as a fearless explorer of styles and techniques like his hero Picasso.”

David Hockney Portraits premieres at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, until May 14, and from there will travel to the Los Angeles Museum of Art and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

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