Quotationeer Shapiro

Yale Book of Quotations: Fred R. ShapiroWilliam Safire dubs Fred Shapiro “Quotationeer Shapiro” in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine:

On the analogy of “Dictionary Johnson,” we call Fred R. Shapiro, editor of the just-published Yale Book of Quotations (well worth the $50 price), “Quotationeer Shapiro.” Like that harmless drudge, as Sam defined “lexicographer,” Shapiro does original research, earning his 1,067-page volume a place on the quotation shelf next to Bartlett’s and Oxford’s.

Two hundred famous “film lines” are deliciously collected: “Follow the money,” never said in real life by Mark Felt but spoken by Deep Throat in “All the President’s Men” in the creation of the screenwriter William Goldman. “Round up the usual suspects” is from “Casablanca,” by Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch. “Go on, Heathcliff, run away. Bring me back the world!” from Ben Hecht’s screenplay for “Wuthering Heights.” And the dying word “Rosebud” from “Citizen Kane,” by Herman Mankiewicz and Orson Welles.

Here’s one for the next edition, submitted by Esther Lafair of Philadelphia, in belated answer to my query this spring, not originating in a John Wayne film after all. In his 1939 Depression-era novel “The Grapes of Wrath,” John Steinbeck has his character Pa Joad say to Uncle John a gritty line that the actor Wayne later made part of American folklore: “A fella got to do what he got to do.”

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