Book Review Call for Quotation Submissions

This weekend’s New York Times Book Review devoted the “TBR: Inside the List” column to discussing The Yale Book of Quotations, specifically the relative dearth of quotations from recent literature. Dwight Garner says, “A lot’s been written already – most of it deservedly positive – about the new ‘Yale Book of Quotations,’ edited by Fred R. Shapiro. It’s an attractive book: clean, tart, concise. And Shapiro’s got a nice eye for recent bits of pop flotsam.” Garner invites readers to send in their favorite short fiction and non-fiction quotations from writers born in 1950 or later to

If enough contributions are sent in, the Book Review will print the best on the back page of a forthcoming issue.

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  • Yale Press provides a lot of interesting information…
    I’m sure going to find out if it’s an attractive book: clean and concise.
    Some of my friends might be interested about reading it…

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