Review re-opens the case: Bagley’s Spy Wars

Spy Wars: Moles, Mysteries, and Deadly Games: Tennent H. BagleyIn this week’s Washington Post, op-ed columnist David Ignatius, offers a frank discussion on a subject he is familar with — drawing on Tennent H. Bagley’s new book Spy Wars, recently published by Yale University Press. As intriguing as any rapid-paced spy novel, this book breaks open the mysterious case of KGB officer Yuri Nosenko’s defection to the United States in 1963. Was Nosenko a bona fide defector with first-hand knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald, or was he a master of deceit, still loyal to the KGB? Tennnet (Pete) Bagley, the CIA officer who handled the case, at last uncovers the truth.

In Ignatius’s weekly column he says, “Now the CIA case officer who initially handled Nosenko…has written his own account. And it is a stunner. It’s impossible to read this book without developing doubts about Nosenko’s bona fides…Bagley’s book, ‘Spy Wars,’ should reopen the Nosenko case.”

Read the full text of David Ignatius’s column here.

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