Key coverage continues — media outlets ring in on The Occupation of Iraq

With the recent release of The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace, Ali Allawi’s new publication is getting quite a bit of media attention. In addition to the recent newspaper coverage, Allawi has appeared on venues such as CSPAN’s Book TV and The Charlie Rose Show, as well as speaking at the National Press Club. His publicity tour continues throughout this week with a visit with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight at 11 pm. Click here for a listing of current and upcoming author appearances and engagements.

The Associated Press says of Allawi: “The U.S.- and British-educated engineer and financier is the first senior Iraqi official to look back at book length on his country’s four-year ordeal. It’s an unsparing look at failures both American and Iraqi, an account in which the word ‘ignorance’ crops up repeatedly. . .”
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Moises Naim, editor in chief of Foreign Policy magazine, says, “While many books have been written about Iraq’s tragedy, Ali Allawi’s story offers a unique insider’s perspective of the global forces, local passions and diverse personalities that converged to create a situation that will haunt us for decades. An indispensable source of ideas about what happened – and what is likely to happen – in Iraq.”

A Washington Post review concludes, “Thankfully, Allawi’s book is not simply a polemic. It is a thorough account of the effort to govern and reconstruct Iraq as told by an Iraqi who was deeply involved in the process. . . .The Occupation of Iraq is packed with fascinating details for those who have closely followed America’s misadventure in Iraq, and it’s a valuable primer for those who haven’t. His insider account of the past four years – and his views of what the United States should have done differently – adds a valuable new voice to the ongoing debate about Iraq.”
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