2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards: Yale University Press takes Gold

This year’s Independent Publisher Book Awards (“IPPY” Awards) were released this week, with several Yale University Press titles taking top honors in the following National Categories:

Eva Hesse: Catalogue Raisonne: Volumes 1 & 2: Paintings and SculptureGold:
Eva Hesse, Catalog Raisonne edited by Renate Petzinger and Barry Rosen, with Annette Spohn (vol. 1); Edited by Barry Rosen and Renate Petzinger, with Jörg Daur (vol. 2)
These lavishly illustrated and revelatory books examine Eva Hesse’s paintings and sculptures––some previously unknown––and feature fascinating archival images.

Saul Steinberg: Illuminations: Joel Smith Bronze:
Saul Steinberg: Illuminations by Joel Smith
This book is the first comprehensive look at the extraordinary contribution Saul Steinberg made to 20th-century art.


Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen and Donald AlbrectSilver:
Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future edited by Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen and Donald Albrecht
Featuring extensive new archival material, previously unpublished photographs, plans, and working drawings, this major new study of Saarinen––one of the most important and inventive practitioners of modern architecture––offers a wide-ranging look at the entire scope of his career.

London: An Architectural History: Anthony Sutcliffe Bronze:
London: An Architectural History by Anthony Sutcliffe
With over 300 color illustrations, this book presents an absorbing look at the unique architectural heritage of London, one of the world’s greatest cities, across two thousand years of development.

Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage: Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. WinstonBronze:
Green to Gold by Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston
This indispensable guide explains what every manager should know and do with respect to the environment. Filled with examples and pragmatic how-to advice, the book shows how corporations can meet environmental challenges and become more profitable by building eco-thinking into their business strategies.

Republic of Mind and Spirit: A Cultural History of American Metaphysical Religion: Catherine L. Albanese Bronze:
A Republic of Mind and Spirit by Catherine L. Albanese
This pathbreaking book tells the story of American metaphysical religion for the first time, along the way revising the entire panorama of American religious history. The author argues that metaphysical religion has been more influential than previously recognized and that it offers key insights into mainstream American religion.

Origins of the Future: Ten Questions for the Next Ten Years: John Gribbin Bronze:
The Origins of the Future: Ten Questions for the Next Ten Years by John Gribbin
Dramatic scientific progress may soon provide answers to some of the most compelling questions about our universe, predicts John Gribbin in this accessible book. He focuses on today’s cutting-edge research and what it can tell us about the creation of the universe, the possibility of other forms of life, and the fate of the expanding cosmos.

For a full listing of winners, click here.

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