Remembering the Six-Day War: 40 years later

June 5, 1967 marks the 40th anniversary of the Six Year War, the start of an armed conflict between Israel and the Arab states, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

Fearing an imminent invasion, Israel launched a preemptive air attack on Egypt in June 1967 and it achieved such staggering devastation that in just six days the war was won and the future of the Middle East was forever changed. But have our assumptions about the genesis of the Six-Day War been misguided? What was the involvement of the Soviet Union? Were the Israelis planning to use nuclear weapons? Were the Soviets?

Foxbats Over Dimona: The Soviets' Nuclear Gamble in the Six-Day War: Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez Foxbats Over Dimona recently released by Yale University Press, is “A fascinating, plausible, and hitherto untold tale,” says Dov S. Zakheim, former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense.

This book provides an account that is startlingly different from all previous histories of the Six-Day War. Award-winning Israeli journalists Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez investigate newly available documents and testimonies from the former Soviet Union, cross-check them extensively against Israeli and Western sources, and arrive at fresh and frightening conclusions. Filled with astonishing new information about this crucial week in history, the book paints a disturbing picture of Cold War aggression, deception, and calculated willingness to precipitate a global crisis.

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