Malcolm’s new book is “…a page turner…” says NY Times Book Review

The New York Times Sunday Book Review of Two Lives, opens with the statement: “One would not naturally pair Janet Malcolm, a clear, analytic writer, with Gertrude Stein and her modernist shenanigans.”

Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice: Janet Malcolm Reviewer Katie Rophie goes on, “Malcolm’s writing in Two Lives is brilliant, penetrating and playful.  There is in her cleverest, most arcane intellectual analysis a grace, a lightness of touch, that one rarely finds in a work of scholarship . . . Here in this slender, elegant book is much wisdom, not only about Stein and Toklas and their peculiar menage, but also about the creation of personal mythologies in general.  If Two Lives has a weakness, it is that one wishes, at the end, for more.”

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Recently published by Yale University Press, Two Lives is a remarkable work of literary biography and investigative journalism, which turns on the mysterious survival of Stein and Toklas, as Jewish lesbians in Occupied France. Also a fascinating illumination of the world of Stein scholarship, and a stunningly perceptive work of criticism.  Pg_184_thm

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