Two Lives reviews flow in, plus an upcoming reading by Malcolm

Janet Malcolm’s recently published Two Lives has attracted a deluge of major media attention, including a nod from the New York Times Sunday Book Review. The Editor’s Choice list praises Two Lives as “sharp criticism meets playful, absorbing biography.” To see this week’s complete list, click here.

Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice: Janet Malcolm

The Wall Street Journal’s John Gross also raves about Two Lives, calling it “shrewd, humane and beautifully written.” He goes on to say that Malcolm’s book is “woven together with a more general consideration of their lives and personalities — a very acute one….She makes Stein’s work seem more meaningful than most commentators do by bringing out its full psychological interest. And while she doesn’t flinch from showing Stein at her worst, she reminds us of her good qualities too.”

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Christine Smallwood of also reviewed the book recently, remarking that many “will find Janet Malcolm’s Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice hard to put down.” The book is part of Malcolm’s “ongoing investigation into narrative,” and it “powerfully demonstrates how [Stein’s and Toklas’] images have been built and passed down to us….The biographer’s game is a kind of treasure hunt, and Two Lives lays bare its rules.”
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Malcolm will also be reading at the 92nd Street Y this coming Sunday, October 7th as part of the Brunch Series. Sign up for Yale Press Log’s RSS feed to stay in touch with additional YUP author events and media appearances.

Read an excerpt of Two Lives.
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