Think You Know Something About Entrepreneurship?

Illusions of Entrepreneurship: The Costly Myths That Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers Live By: Scott A. Shane I’m blogging to challenge those of you out there in the blogosphere to show how much you know about entrepreneurship.

Because most of what you read about entrepreneurship in the popular media is a bunch of myths, I wrote a book called the Illusions of Entrepreneurship, to give people at least a little reality about start-ups.  For instance, did you know that your odds of dying from a fall in the shower are actually higher than the odds that an American start-up will get venture capitalists to fund the creation of the company?

The part about challenging you is an invitation to go to a quiz about entrepreneurship and test how much you know.

(I’m new to blogging so if any of you see this blog and notice something really stupid that I’ve done, let me know.)

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