Malcolm’s Two Lives makes NBCC’s Good Reads List

Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice: Janet Malcolm Two Lives by Janet Malcolm made the National Book Critics Circle’s Good Reads Long List for Nonfiction. The list is comprised of “the nonfiction titles which received multiple votes” from the NBCC. It was announced this morning on the NBCC blog here, where you can find the entire list, along with other NBCC Good Reads lists for Fiction and Poetry.

Malcolm’s Two Lives, a remarkable work of literary biography and investigative journalism, turns on the mysterious survival of Stein and Toklas, as Jewish lesbians in Occupied France. Also a fascinating illumination of the world of Stein scholarship, and a stunningly perceptive work of criticism.

The New York Times Book Review named Two Lives an Editors’ Choice and said, “Sharp criticism meets playful, absorbing biography in this study of Stein and Toklas.”

Read an excerpt, or view the table of contents.

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