May Day and National Hamburger Month

120aoc_2_3 In honor of May Day, Slate ran an article on the best recent books about Communism. After reviewing some basics like the Communist Manifesto, they recommend the Annals of Communism series:

…Once you’ve got the surveys under your belt, you can turn to Yale University Press’ Annals of Communism series, a unique publishing venture designed to make use of Soviet archives. Whether you want Andrei Sakharov’s personal files, Stalin’s correspondence with Molotov, or documents explaining the Katyn massacre, they’re all available in beautifully edited and annotated translations. Don’t miss John Haynes and Harvey Klehr’s history of the American Communist Party (also a Yale book, also based on Soviet archives), either.

Read the entire article here.

Hamburger: A History: Josh Ozersky May 1 is also the beginning of National Hamburger Month. Hamburger expert and Yale Press author Josh Ozersky reviewed New York’s best burgers for the Daily News. Here is what the Daily News had to say in return about Ozersky and his new book, The Hamburger: A History:

If the city has a professor of patties, it’s probably Josh Ozersky, the online food editor for New York magazine.

Not only does he test out several specimens a week, but he has just written a sexy little volume on the history of the patty from its 18th-century beginnings to its postwar boom thanks to White Castle.

Read the entire article here.

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