Susan Garrett on angels, both ordinary and otherwise

Angels (we have heard on high) are a perennial favorite holiday subject, and during the rather gloomy Christmas season of 2008, divine intervention was more than welcome. Even the Economist looked to seraphim to brighten their Christmas issue cover.

In her new book, No Ordinary Angel, Yale Press author Dr. Susan Garrett has taken on a comprehensive study of angels, focusing on the most exceptional angel of all, Jesus Christ. You can read a conversation with Dr. Garrett on the Read the Spirit blog here and an excerpt is available on the YUP web site.

No Ordinary Angel: Celestial Spirits and Christian Claims about JesusDr. Garrett’s book is the latest installment of the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library series. For further reading on angels, consider Harold Bloom’s Fallen Angels, a beautifully illuminated volume on the influence of these fantastic spirits in life and literature.

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