YUP in Scientific American and images of “Elephants on the Edge”

Two recent issues of Scientific American highlighted a number of Yale University Press science books in a competitive field of publications. Both G. A. Bradshaw’s Elephants on the Edge and John Wargo’s Green Intelligence were singled out as notable non-fiction selections in the magazine’s December round-up. This month, Saleem H. Ali’s Treasures of the Earth and Peter Forbes’s Dazzled and Deceivedgot the nod.

As a special celebratory treat, we’ve put together a sampling of the beautiful photographs by Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson featured in Bradshaw’s book. You can find them in this “Elephants on the Edge” photo gallery. Enjoy!

For more recent publications in science, be sure to browse the Press’s website and our Online Science Catalog.

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