Cancer Survival is Spelled “LMNOP.”

Dr. Richard Frank—

Surviving cancer requires knowledge and hope, making good choices, lots of effort and sometimes, a lucky break (or two). In Chapter 8 of my book, I tried to encapsulate these many aspects into the helpful mnemonic LMNOP.

L is for Less fat in one's diet (especially saturated-fats and trans-fats)

M is for More fruits and vegetables

N is for No smoking

O is for Organize your life

P is for Physical exercise

The O is so important that it was recently published in Coping for Cancer.  Please check it out!

Richard C. Frank, M.D., is director of cancer research at the Whittingham Cancer Center of Norwalk Hospital, medical director of Mid-Fairfield Hospice, and Clinical Assistant Attending at Weill Cornell Medical College. He has been appointed cancer expert for WebMD and was named a “Top Doc” in the New York Metro area by Castle and Connelly.

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“Cancer Survival is Spelled “LMNOP.””
  • It is so interesting to see some articles on alternative medicines when it comes to cancer. My fiance had a soft tissue sarcoma removed from his upper left arm back in 2007 and is still having pain in the area where he had the radiation and we are constantly worried that they didnt get it all. Thank you for taking the time to blog this information because this topic is very important to us.

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