Atlas of Oceans Giveaway Contest!

We are soon to publish here in North America John Farndon’s Atlas of Oceans: An Ecological Survey of Underwater Life. If the title has not already begun to hint, this book goes under the sea to investigate the biological conditions of marine ecosystems, taking into consideration the climate changes that trouble us on land and turning that concern to our underwater counterparts.

We’d like to offer a chance for eco-fans and general readers alike to win a copy of the book. Farndon Image SampleFarndon has written more than 300 books for wide audiences of children and adults, and with 320 color illustrations, this engaging volume is sure to fascinate while addressing the important ecological questions that challenge the future of marine wildlife. Click the image to enlarge the sample page.

How do you win? Easy: take a closer look at the cover image, and if you can identify the landmasses from the image, you win. Farndon Three free copies will be sent to the people who first get it right, and the more specific your answer, the better. (Here’s a hint: you have to identify all three bodies of land to win.) Submit your response and e-mail address as a comment to the post before the contest ends on Wednesday, January 26, 6pm EST. You must be able to provide a mailing address in North America in order to receive the prize; for availability in other parts of the world, check with Thomas Reed Publications.

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