Congratulations Contest Winners: Atlas of Oceans!

Congrats to our contest winners, Agustin (and Jessica!), Antonio, and Byron who will receive a copy of John Farndon‘s Atlas of Oceans! You may have tuned in last week to PRI’s The World to catch Atlas of Oceans: An Ecological Survey of Underwater Life: John Farndon Farndon‘s interview and the related Geo Quiz about the newly identified fifth ocean, but these winners were quick to identify the landmasses on the book’s cover. They are: the disputed Kuril Islands and the eastern end of Hokkaido in Japan.

With our contest series, we’re looking to emphasize David RogersCOLLABORATE advice, to allow our followers to join the fun that we have publishing these books. Be sure to check out the Representing Justice contest for the most recent chance to win a free YUP book.

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