Why Marx Was Right Blog Discussion

Eagleton 3D Today, Christopher Benson kicks off the “Why Marx Was Right” blog discussion, addressing the contemporary relevance of Marxist ideas in the midst of our current social and economic problems as presented in Terry Eagleton’s newest book, Why Marx Was Right. In his capacity as organizer, Benson writes:

Bensonian 2Let me compare this blog discussion to the contemporary British novel written by Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day. In keeping with Eagleton’s sympathies for the sweaty proletariat, I’d like to envision myself as Mr. Stevens, the unassuming and dutiful butler who serves at Darlington Hall. Eagleton, in an ironic twist, shall be Lord Darlington – the center of attention at a dinner party he’s hosting on “Why Marx Was Right.” For weeks I’ve been executing the details for this event, making sure that it comes off without a hitch.

All of the guests at the party are thoughtful Christians who aren’t afraid of Marx, even though fellow believers tend to view him as an implacable enemy of the faith.

Check in this week for thoughtful essay responses from Jonathan Fitzgerald, Jake Meador, Albert Lee, and Andrew Walker, each taking on a chapter from Eagleton’s Why Marx Was Right.

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