Get Ready for Pearl Primus

The Dance Claimed Me: A Biography of Pearl Primus: Peggy and Murray Schwartz As a lead up to our May publication of The Dance Claimed Me: A Biography of Pearl Primus, by Peggy and Murray Schwartz, there are two dance-related events in New York for the book next week.

First up, the Urban Bush Women will perform “Walking with Pearl…Southern Diaries” at the Harlem Stage, with four shows from April 28 – 30. The full program title, “Resistance and Power” is focused on social commentary, resistance and protest, presenting an opportunity to move effectively toward the future by recognizing what we have gained from our own personal stories. Primus’s own story was certainly one of resistance: She engendered controversy in both her private and professional lives, marrying a white Jewish man during a time of segregation and challenging black intellectuals who opposed the “primitive” in her choreography. Her political protests and mixed-race tours in the South triggered an FBI investigation, even as she was celebrated by dance critics and by contemporaries like Langston Hughes.

And on Friday for the 92nd Street Y’s Fridays at Noon program, the Schwartzes will appear to launch their book, and, along with special guests, to honor Pearl Primus with performances of three of her solos.

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