Seriously, What Are We Drinking?: Alissa Hamilton on Orange Juice

With the federal lawsuit being brought against Tropicana on the basis of alleged consumer fraud for their packaging and distribution of “100% pure and natural” orange juice, Alissa Hamilton, author of Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice, has been commenting on the industry practices that are involved in producing everyone’s favorite breakfast drink. Most people are unaware of the “flavor packs” used to make orange juice, even when it’s “not from concentrate”, and Hamilton explores the insider history behind the relationship between the FDA, orange juice producers, and consumers.

“The orange juice companies market their premium brands as fresh-squeezed and better than concentrated,” Hamilton told ABC News, “but it’s a heavily processed product.” What’s more is that more complaints have surfaced in response to the FDA testing of orange juice for carbendazim, a fungicide banned in the United States but legal in Brazil from where much of America’s orange juice is imported.

Today, Hamilton will appear on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss consumer safety concerns. Tune in and learn more about the book and other coverage of the orange juice industry on the “Squeezed” blog.

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