Mary C. Gentile: Worldwide with Giving Voice to Values

Though the curriculum for her book Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right was developed over years of teaching and experience, Mary C. Gentile’s work is never done—and the recent paperback release of Giving Voice to Values speaks to its continued relevance. If that is not evidence enough, look at the numbers: Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values curriculum is currently in use at 175 institutions and organizations on six continents, as its creator leads the charge in the battle for ethically responsible business practices worldwide.

Earlier this month in a guest post on the Learning Leadership blog, Gentile acknowledged that a distrust of business is becoming more and more widespread, as news stories break about CEOs “cooking the books” or companies prioritizing profits over critical environmental needs. Giving Voice to Values is the antidote to these problems, for Gentile’s book outlines a series of clear, practical strategies for articulating and enacting values-driven behaviors—even in situations where such behaviors may seem to be at risk.

It’s no surprise that Gentile has been busy: at the beginning of March, she spoke at Kansas State, and this past Tuesday, she gave a workshop at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs on “The “How” of Business Ethics in the Financial Sector.” Earlier this year, Giving Voice to Values came up in an interview in a Ghanaian newspaper, and more recently, the author penned another blog post, this one for The Oath Project, an organization which challenges business leaders to take “the oath” to commit themselves to a higher standard of integrity while providing them with a network to support ethical decision making across both academics and business. Giving Voice to Values provides the perfect support for this network, with its clear and compassionate guidance on how to think, speak, and act in a way that truly embodies ethical standards that are too often ignored.

Wondering how you might give voice to your own values? Read an excerpt here.

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