What SUP from Your Favorite University Presses, June 29, 2012

Taking a good idea from our colleagues at Columbia University Press, we thought you’d enjoy a roundup of what we’re reading from other social university presses and what goes on in our corner of the publishing world.  Dare we ask the question:  SUP friends?  And be sure to check out the new What SUP? column on the Yale Press Log to catch up  on all the news you’ve missed!

Columbia University Press has an interesting feature on the ongoing debate about whether plants have their own form of consciousness. In an article by Michael Marder it outlines why people should care more about plants and what all of the controversy on the subject means.

At Duke University Press  they feature an interview with Nicholas Mirzoeff  about the digital expansion of his book The Right Look and the why he chose to launch the project on Scalar, a new platform.

Over at the New York University Press they celebrated Pride this week with a series of columns on gay rights, the changing political environment, and other related topics. One particular post focused on the slowly changing view of homosexuality in the ultra-conservative Bible Belt.

Harvard University Press has a timely post about how gender should be determined. They explore whether the testosterone level should play a role and how gender identity affects the decisions, especially in the sports arena.

Over at Indiana University Press they are featuring the memoir William D. Middleton, who passed away last year. The memoir focuses on Middleton’s love for railroads and personal stories about some of his famous trips.

Temple University Press is featuring a round-up of coverage about the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Title IX is the 1972 civil rights act that eliminated discrimination based on sex for any institution that receives federal funding.

At Oxford University Press they feature an amusing look at just how important magnets are in our lives (can you imagine not being able to drive a car or dry your hair?) and the environmental impact of the quest for stronger magnets.

The Penn Press log features a look at one of their new titles focusing on Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of literary mastermind, William Shakespeare.

Continuing their coverage leading up to the election Princeton University Press features a post by John McGinnis about how technology will influence the prediction of the election and what that means for gathering American opinions in the long-term.

Over at the Syracuse University Press blog they feature an interview with poet and author Laila Halaby about her new poetry, the struggle of balancing life between two cultures, and her inability to define herself as a series of labels.

The University of Chicago Press focuses on lawyers this week and asks why there are so many jokes about this particular profession. Looking at empathy and the human tendency to personify objects with human feelings to see if there is a link between them to explain an abundance of lawyer jokes.

The University of Georgia Press features a round-up of press coverage for its various new titles.

The University of North Carolina Press features a video discussion with author Manisha Sinha about the evolution of the abolition movement.

The University of Nebraska Press is remembering Medgar Evers, a field secretary for the NAACP who was assassinated in 1963. They also remember the civil rights campaigns throughout Jackson, Mississippi at which Evers was present.

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