What SUP from Your Favorite University Presses, July 13, 2012

Taking a good idea from our colleagues at Columbia University Press, we thought you’d enjoy a roundup of what we’re reading from other social university presses and what goes on in our corner of the publishing world.  Dare we ask the question:  SUP friends?  And be sure to check out the new What SUP? column on the Yale Press Log to catch up  on all the news you’ve missed!

At Columbia University Press they are continuing their series on the iPhone and the future of media with a post about how Steve Jobs, often credited with many of Apple’s successes, could have been so wrong about the app market.

Questions about the reliability of forensic evidence used to match criminals to their crimes Is the topic over at the New York University Press.

The Higgs-Boson particle was a hot topic at Harvard University Press where they are discussing the history of the particle and how it got its name.

Indiana University Press has a moving post about the survivors of the Bosnian Serb genocide against the Croat Bosniak people in the 1990s.

Oxford University Press recounts the journey of a mother and her children, third class passengers of the RMS Titanic, on Sunday April 14, 1912, the night the ship hit the fateful iceberg.

Penn Press Log has a provocative post on how the peer-review system used by scholars (and University Presses) may have led to blindness to the events leading to the Arab Spring near the end of 2010.

Olympic fever is in full swing over at Princeton University Press where the Olympic torch passed their European office this week.

Syracuse University Press features an interview with author Thomas Holliday who discusses his favorite books, favorite authors, and who he wouldn’t want to hang out with.

We join the University of Chicago to mourn the passing of Joseph Cropsey, a political philosopher and former professor at the university.

The MIT Press Log covers a possible breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Diseases, a disease that affects 5 million Americans.

The University of Georgia Press features a list of its upcoming author visits for those who may be in the area.

University of North Carolina Press features an excerpt of Creating Consumers the journey of women from the turn of the century to the 1970s.

National healthcare is a topic of discussion at the University of California Press where they look at what went into passing the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The University of Nebraska Press features a guest post by Katya Cengel about baseball and the minor leagues.

The experience of Jewish and Arab immigrants is the topic at the University of Kentucky Press . The  journeys of these seemingly separate groups may be more alike than you would think.

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