What SUP from Your Favorite University Presses, July 20, 2012

Taking a good idea from our colleagues at Columbia University Press, we thought you’d enjoy a roundup of what we’re reading from other social university presses and what goes on in our corner of the publishing world.  Dare we ask the question:  SUP friends?  And be sure to check out the new What SUP? column on the Yale Press Log to catch up  on all the news you’ve missed!

At the Columbia University Press blog they are featuring a week-long look at men and the military, specifically focusing on the concept of masculinity and sexuality. In this post author Aaron Belkin explores sexual violence in the military and how the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Act has changed these incidents.

“It’s a London Thing” is the title of a post this week from Harvard University Press which explores the culture and complexity of this great city through poetry. They also feature a video with editor Mark Ford about how he selected the works that would be included in the volume.

Indiana University Press has a wonderful reading by Norbert Krapf from his newest book Songs in Sepia and Black and White. The podcast features a performance “Guitar Machine” to help celebrate Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday.

Temple University Press features an article by Christian Churchill about the state of modern academia, how it could solve our problems, and how it is connected to the Occupy Movement.

With just a week to go until the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics Oxford University Press asks what preparations are being made to protect the health and safety of those visiting London, and those who live in East London. Somehow we don’t think it will be this bad.

The Penn Press Log revisits a celebrity of the past, Miss Elizabeth Paterson Bonaparte. Originally hailing from Baltimore she became an international celebrity who relished being in the public spotlight.

Military policy is a hot topic at Princeton University Press where they are discussing lily pad military bases, smaller bases that allow the United States military to may be more cost efficient, but may still lead to opposition.

Stanford University Press features a post on the ongoing debate over health care reform in the United States. On the pessimism about when the debate will end, we can’t help but agree.

Author Alan S. Katchen is featured on the Syracuse University Press blog. His newest book celebrates the life of Abel Kivat, a celebrated track and field star.

The University of Chicago Press blog feature the movies of Robbins Barstow, a man who pioneered the art of home film making. While many of his movies featured the talents of his close friends and family, Disneyland Dream (1956) also features an appearance by a young Steve Martin.

An excerpt from Transatlantic Field of Dreams is featured at the University of North Carolina Press blog. The book by Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu explores how baseball was imported to Japan and some surprising times it was played.

The University of Hawaii Press mourns the passing of two of its own this week. Author and editor Jerry Bentley passed away on July 15th and author Will Kyselka passed away July 1st at the age of 91.

The University of Nebraska Press is also in the Olympic spirit this week commemorating the 1912 decathlon winner, Jim Thorpe.

And lastly, the University of Kentucky Press celebrates the birthday of James Still one of the most well-known writers of Appalachian Literature.

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