What SUP from Your Favorite University Presses, August, 17, 2012

Taking a good idea from our colleagues at Columbia University Press, we thought you’d enjoy a roundup of what we’re reading from other social university presses and what goes on in our corner of the publishing world.  Dare we ask the question:  SUP friends?  And be sure to check out the new What SUP? column on the Yale Press Log to catch up  on all the news you’ve missed!

Columbia University Press has a week-long feature on River Republic by Daniel McCool. In Tuesday’s post McCool talks about how the natural disasters that have made headlines in recent weeks may actually be caused by people’s abuse of rivers.

Over at the NYU Press Blog author Emily W. Kane talks about a recent New York Times magazine story about parents dealing with children who chose not to live by the gender norms. Kane talks about her own experience of talking to parents about the idea of socially constructed gender versus biologically determined gender in the course of writing her book The Gender Trap: Parents and the Pitfalls of Raising Boys and Girls.

Harvard University Press has a thought provoking piece about the intersection of popular culture and religion. They specifically focus on more recently popularized religions, like Scientology or Mormonism, and how popular culture has been influenced some of the biggest mass media hits of recent years.

LSU Press is featuring Sally Van Doren’s newest book of poetry, Possessive, which counts the Italian Renaissance and pop music among its influences.

Creativity is the topic for a recent post by Oxford University Press which finds Christopher Sprigman talking about what the highly lucrative knock-off economy means for the fashion industry.

The University of Pennsylvania Press features an interview with author Mia Bloom that is likely to cause many people to do a double take. Bloom talks about the rise of women committing terrorist acts being on the rise.

The University Press of Kentucky Press Blog is honoring James Still, who was recently awarded the Thomas D. Clark Medallion Book Award for his short-story collection, The Hills Remember.

Over at the University of Nebraska Press Blog they are celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday with a look at Mastery’s of American Cookery, which explores the powerful influence of Child on American cooking habits. The MIT PressLog is also honoring the cooking icon with a dynamic reading list of books on our ever-changing relationship with food.

In art news, the University of California Press Blog is featuring an interview with graphic novelist Daniel Clowes on the creative process of a modern cartoonist.

On the UNC Press Blog there’s a delicious-looking guest post by cookbook author Sandra A. Gutierrez on southern Latino cuisine and the secret to Pecan Rum Cake.

In honor of the recent Mars mission, the Wesleyan University Press is featuring an excerpt from Robert Crossley’s reflective look at how we envision the red planet: Imagining Mars: A Literary History.

As we take the plunge into election season, the Princeton University Press Blog has up a series of proactive posts on the topic.

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