What SUP from Your Favorite University Presses, September 28, 2012

Taking a good idea from our colleagues at Columbia University Press, we thought you’d enjoy a roundup of what we’re reading from other social university presses and what goes on in our corner of the publishing world.  Dare we ask the question:  SUP friends?  And be sure to check out the new What SUP? column on the Yale Press Log to catch up  on all the news you’ve missed!

This week the MIT Press Log took on the “SafeHarbor” media laws, using Grooveshark as a lens through which to view the many issues associated digital copyrights.

Along the thread of contentious topics, The Chicago Blog discussed the ethics and commonality of end-of-life euthanasia in American pet-keeping practices. They also published an excerpt from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Arctic diary.

The Princeton University Press Blog published infographics and commentary on the racial bias detected in the admissions test used for New York City’s specialized high schools. This week the NAACP announced its intentions to file a complaint against this discriminatory practice.

Taking a break from today’s controversial topics, the Harvard University Press Blog is rewinding to look at Lincoln’s eventful first 100 days of presidency.

Speaking of Lincoln, this week the Columbia University Press Blog published a piece on the President Obama’s similarities to the Great Emancipator.

Our friends at the OUP blog submitted a fascinating introduction to the idea that permission-giving is a crucial aspect of successful leadership, tracing the concept from the Korean War though Kate Middleton’s fashion choices.

The UNC Press Blog has a new post up about Catholic nuns’ determination to receive education in the 19th century, despite disapprovals and set backs.

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