What SUP from Your Favorite University Presses, December 14, 2012

Yale University Press Our weekly roundup of news among university presses takes special significance as we gear up for the holiday season. Safe travels to your family and loved ones, readers!

Princeton University Press is currently holding several Holiday Book Giveaways for titles such as Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity and Meaningful Work and Play on Goodreads, The Quotable Einstein, and The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics.

Harvard University Press mourns the loss of the great pianist and polymath Charles Rosen, who passed away this week and had a nearly twenty year relationship with the publishing house, including the publication just months ago of Freedom and the Arts: Essays on Music and Literature.

Oxford University Press relates the recent tragedy of Hurricane Sandy and it’s effect on social media to the history of oral history in disaster zones.

Columbia University Press gives a timeline on the history of peanut butter and some other interesting tidbits about the food paste in preparation for the publication of Creamy and Crunchy: An Informal History of Peanut Butter, the All-American Food!

MIT Press celebrates Computer Science education week with a Q&A with Paul Rosenbloom, author of On Computing: The Fourth Great Scientific Domain.

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