Jess Bravin on Democracy Now!

The Terror Courts: Rough Justice at Guantanamo BayRecently, Jess Bravin appeared on “Democracy Now” to discuss his new book, The Terror Courts: Rough Justice at Guantanamo Bay. He spoke on the government’s military commissions at Guantanamo Bay and the legal implications of these actions. Describing his reporting for the The Wall Street Journal, Bravin said:

I got wind of work in the Bush administration to authorize military tribunals, what they call “military commissions,” to prosecute the people behind 9/11. That was the plan. And I thought that was an astounding development, because this type of justice is a sort of ad hoc sort of trial that has occasionally been held by the United States during or after wartime. These hadn’t been held since World War II. And so, it was a dormant area of law that suddenly might be very much alive. And so I followed that.

Bravin’s book works to track the policies forged at Guantanamo and the consequences these plans will have on the American justice system.

Watch the full interview here, and stay tuned for more updates and interviews on this timely topic!

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