April Theme: The Arts

Broadening our scope from a usual combined celebration of poetry and architecture, timed to national commemorations in the month of April, we’re broadening our focus to include a broader range of the arts, including many new books on the philosophy and history of art, several accompanying traveling exhibitions with the Yale University Press art museum partners.

Pevsner's Architectural Glossary AppIn time for National Landscape Architecture Month, we are proud to release the Pevsner’s Architectural Glossary app for iOS, based on the eponymous book. Look up architectural terms anywhere with Pevsner’s vocabulary in your pocket, including expanded text, numerous additional color images and relevant building descriptions to support the definitions, clear line drawings and an audio pronunciation guide to the terms. And for architecture a bit closer to home, later this month we publish Phyllis Lambert’s Building Seagram, a captivating history of one of the 20th century’s most influential buildings, as told by the woman whose involvement and vision helped change the face of American urban architecture.

Renowned critic Arthur Danto returns to the YUP list with What Art Is, challenging the popular interpretation that art is an indefinable concept, instead bringing to light the properties that constitute universal meaning. We’ll update you on another favorite author, cartoonist Ivan Brunetti, and his forthcoming book, Aesthetics: A Memoir.

Yale University Press Recently, we announced the 2013 winner of the Yale Series of Younger PoetsEryn Green for his manuscript Eruv—and this month, we publish the volume of the previous winner: Will Schutt’s Westerly. Also just announced today is the winner of the 2013 Yale Drama Series competition, Jen Silverman for her play, “Still.” Yale Drama Series winners receive the $10,000 David Charles Horn Prize award, publication by Yale University Press, and a staged reading at Lincoln Center.

Coming soon from Michael Hass is Forbidden Music, a rich exploration of the Jewish composers and musicians banned by the Third Reich and the consequences for music throughout the rest of the twentieth century; the Facebook page shares many of the photographs, posters, and stories from the period, not to mention the music itself.

Lastly, the @yalepress Digital Laboratory students will show off the Warhol Museum DIY Pop app; after dates at The Metropolitan Museum of Art last fall, the Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years exhibition closes later this month at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, with the catalog distributed by Yale University Press.

Read along all month for more news and updates on the blooming and intersecting worlds of books and arts!

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