Discussing Calvinism: A History with D.G Hart

Calvinism PodcastCalvinism: A History explores the social and political developments that enabled Calvinism to establish a global presence. Author D. G. Hart traces the political and religious circumstances that first created space for Reformed churches in Europe and later contributed to Calvinism’s expansion around the world. The book raises important questions about secularization, religious freedom, privatization of faith, and the place of religion in public life.

In a recent interview for “Between the Covers” with John J. Miller of the National Review Online, D.G Hart discussed several important aspects of the book. From debating Calvinism as the secret to western success and a strong work ethic, and its special influence on the United States, to explaining what is Calvinism and how it spread around the world, D.G Hart gives a small preview of Calvinism: A History.

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“Discussing Calvinism: A History with D.G Hart”

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