Available Now: Albers Interaction of Color App for iPad

The wait for the Interaction of Color app for iPad is finally over.

The full app, available now in the app store, is free to download, and allows you to sample Chapter 10, including accompanying text, video commentary, two interactive plates, and the palette tool. The complete app–featuring the full text, 125 plates, 60 interactive studies, and over two hours of video commentary—can be unlocked for $9.99 through an in-app purchase.

The app is already attracting attention from designers and color enthusiasts. Debbie Millman, of the Design Observer’s Design Matters podcast interviewed app designer Phillip Tiongson of Potion and The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation’s Brenda Danilowitz about the creation of the Interaction of Color app. After previewing the app in Potion’s studio, Millman declared the app “Amazing. Beyond groundbreaking . . . . An extraordinary piece of education and inspiration.” Pilar Viladas of The New York Times’s T Magazine has called it “… a fresh way to engage with Albers’s lessons.”

 “Color is really the mise-en-scène in which everything else takes place.”—Peter Mendelsund, Graphic Designer

“What I think is so brilliant about Albers Interaction of color is…it’s a really great way to get students to think more philosophically. It’s very pragmatic on the one hand, but it gets them to think about what’s at stake in making art.”—Anoka Faruquee, artist and teacher

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“Available Now: Albers Interaction of Color App for iPad”

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