What SUP from Your Favorite University Presses, August 9, 2013

Yale University Press Welcome to our weekly roundup of news from university presses! There is much to share from our fellow academic publishing houses and much to learn on What SUP at the social university presses.  This week we found conversations on American wedding culture, indigenous rights, the role of storytelling, and Tonto. What did you read this week?

Columbia University Press announced new books this week on New Book Tuesday and also discussed abominable science.

NYU Press featured articles on American wedding culture and New York City Bees.

Oxford University Press discussed indigenous rights, the impact of dementia treatment, and human rights education.

Princeton University Press provided a recipe for shrimp kabobs on this week’s Tasty Tuesday and contemplated all the hours we spend on social media.

MIT Press talked about using radios in remote areas of Africa to warn of conflicts, lab coats in Hollywood, and the International Congress of Linguists.

The University of North Carolina Press talked about the role of storytelling in the South.

The University of California Press contemplated how after school activities shape gender roles.

The University of Hawaii Press is offering five of their titles for only five dollars each this Friday, August 9, from 8am to 4pm (HST). Books may be ordered through their website.

The University of Nebraska Press discussed  Johnny Depp’s role as Tonto in The Lone Ranger.

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