The Importance of Regional Publishing: University Press Blog Tour Day 4

With one day left of the Association of American University Presses week-long blog tour, our fellow social university presses are sharing posts on the importance of regional publishing. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Yale University Press’s Ivan Lett sharing thoughts on the “Global Reach of University Presses.” And don’t miss our roundup posts from Days 1, 2, and 3 of the #UPweek blog tour!

up_fordhamFordham University Press Fredric Nachbaur, Press Director, writes about establishing the Empires State Editions imprint to better brand and market the regional books, reflect the mission of the university, and co-publish books with local institutions.
up_lsuLouisiana State University Press Discuss the challenge of capturing an authentic representation of Louisiana’s culture, especially when it is an outstider looking in, as many authors (scholars or not) are. I’ll discuss how it takes more than just a well-written, thoroughly researched book to suceed in depicting the nuances of Louisiana’s food, music, and art, it also requires a relationship of respect and acceptance between subject and author. I’ll talk about LSU Press titles that have successfully shared and deepen an understanding of a regional cultural asset through collaboration with those most closely affliated with the subject.
up_osuOregon State University Press  An overview of regional publishing with specifics from the Oregon State University Press list.
up_syracuseSyracuse University Press Regional author, Chuck D’Imperio will discuss the roots of regional writing in many of the “classics.” From oral testimonies to local guidebooks, these stories contribute to the culture and history of the region.
up_alabamaUniversity of Alabama Press An brief overview of the economic niche regional university presses occupy between mass market trade publishing and non-scholarly regional and local publishing.

University of Nebraska Press

 UNP’s Editor-in-Chief Derek Krissoff defines the meaning of place in University Press publishing.

University of North Carolina Press

UNC Press editorial director Mark Simpson-Vos highlights the special value of regional university press publishing at a time when the scale for so much of what we do emphasizes the global.

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University Press of Kentucky

Regional editor, Ashley Runyon, writes on her unique editorial perspective as a born-and-bred Kentuckian as well as preserving Kentucky’s cultural heritage. We’ll also be talking about some of the fun things that make KY (and KY books) unique

University Press of Mississippi

UPM Marketing Manager and author of two books Steve Yates gives his thoughts on the scale of regional publishing and shares the sage advice of businessmen

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