What SUP, November 15, 2013: The Global Reach of University Presses: University Press Blog Tour Day 5

Today is the last day of the Association of American University Presses week-long blog tour. Our fellow social university presses have been sharing posts about the unique elements of their presence and purposes. We are ending this blog tour with thoughts on the “Global Reach of University Presses.” Our Online Marketing Manager, Ivan Lett, is sharing about Yale University Press’s recent transatlantic collaboration of US-UK marketing initiatives. Don’t miss our roundup posts from Days 123, and 4 of the #UPweek blog tour, and we’re already looking forward to the next AAUP blog tour!

Columbia University Press
Columbia University Press discusses its history, commitment to and dissemination of publishing quality scholarship in a variety of global fields.
Georgetown University Press
Discusses how Georgetown University Press gives its readers the tools they need to have a global reach themselves through our foreign language learning materials, our international career guides, and our international affairs titles.
Indiana University Press
Discussing our Mellon-funded Framing the Global project. This project supports scholarly research and publication that will develop and disseminate new knowledge, approaches, and methods in the field of global research.
Johns Hopkins University Press
From book translations to international marketing and the growth of Project MUSE into many different nations, the JHU Press can’t help but thing beyond the borders of the United States.
New York University Press
Chip Rossetti, managing editor of the Library of Arabic Literature (LAL), will discuss the new LAL series, an ambitious international project which comes out of a partnership between NYU Press and NYU Abu Dhabi.
Princeton University Press
Peter Dougherty, Press Director, writes about the importance of foreign language translations to the future of university press economic health and fulfillment of our missions. Also a few image features on book covers in translation.
University of Wisconsin Press
Press director Sheila Leary profiles the publishing career of Jan Vansina, one of the founders of the field of African history (rather than colonial history). His innovative seven books with the University of Wisconsin Press from the 1960s to the present have continually broken new ground, influencing the historiography of Africa and several related disciplines.
Yale University Press
Ivan Lett writes on recent transatlantic collaboration of US-UK marketing initiatives for Yale University Press globally published titles, series, and digital products.

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