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A Scholar’s Life: An Interview with Jonathan Brown by David Ebony

David Ebony— From Vincent van Gogh to Tracey Emin, artists of the modern era have had no problem dismantling the boundaries that once divided private life from artistic pursuit. Rarely have art historians and scholars in the field attempted such an autobiographical merger of life and work. An exception is

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The Eye Man: An Interview with Richard Estes by David Ebony

David Ebony— Richard Estes is one of a very few painters from the original Photorealist movement of the 1960s and early ’70s who remains true to the precepts of the genre and has continued to thrive. Unlike those of many other practitioners of Photorealism, Hyperrealism or Super-realism, as the movement

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On Mel Bochner’s Language Games: Interview with Norman L. Kleeblatt by David Ebony

David Ebony— “Blah, Blah, Blah,” a series of recent “word paintings” by Mel Bochner, may suggest a wry comment on the banality and pointlessness in so much of our slogan-saturated culture. Does the quip signify the end of language, the limits of communication? Bochner’s work is anything but blah. Widely

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Whitney Biennial Hoopla—David Ebony Interviews the Curators: Stuart Comer, Anthony Elms and Michelle Grabner

David Ebony— One of the most prestigious exhibitions of contemporary art the U.S. has to offer, the Whitney Biennial claims to be a bellwether for new trends, important young artists and all sorts of innovative ideas. For that reason, the exhibition inevitably sparks heated controversy, and the 2014 installment is

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Lee Bontecou’s Inventions by David Ebony: An Interview with Joan Banach

David Ebony— For the innovative work she produced in the 1960s—large-scale abstract relief sculptures made of welded steel, canvas, wire and soot—Lee Bontecou has earned a very lofty position in the canon of post-war American art history. Writing in Arts Magazine in April, 1965, artist and critic Donald Judd lauded

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Capturing the Butterfly: David Ebony Interviews Daniel E. Sutherland, author of “Whistler”

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new blog feature: David Ebony, one of our favorite writers about art and artists, will contribute regular interviews with authors, artists, curators, and other personalities from the art world at its intersections with our publications on art and architecture. David Ebony— If today’s

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