Art & Architecture

Wunderkammer: a Cabinet of Curiosities

Our just-released book Wunderkammer by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien is a gem.  It’s a gem that is filled with gems. It is a gorgeously designed documentation of a project initiated by Williams and Tsien: they invited 42 celebrated architects and designers from around the world to create a personal

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Puzzling Art, an interactive crossword Puzzle

The year is drawing to a close, and excitement is building here over our upcoming spring/summer 2014 season of art and architecture books… clues to the subject matter of a good dozen or so of these terrific forthcoming titles can be found in this post: our first, seasonal art &

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From the Designer’s Desk: Leslie Fitch

Book designers play an indispensable, if sometimes underestimated, role in the process of turning an author’s manuscript into a finished, printed book.  Chip Kidd, in his entertaining and enlightening 2012 TED Talk, says that his job as a book designer is to ask the question, “What do the stories look

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