Key coverage continues — media outlets ring in on The Occupation of Iraq

With the recent release of The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace, Ali Allawi’s new publication is getting quite a bit of media attention. In addition to the recent newspaper coverage, Allawi has appeared on venues such as CSPAN’s Book TV and The Charlie Rose Show, as

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Pulitzer nomination for John Wilkes

Today marks the much awaited announcement of this year’s Pulitzer Prize winners in journalism and arts. Yale University Press is pleased to report that Arthur H. Cash’s book, John Wilkes: The Scandalous Father of Civil Liberty is named a finalist in the Biography category. Recently released in paperback, this highly

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Review re-opens the case: Bagley’s Spy Wars

In this week’s Washington Post, op-ed columnist David Ignatius, offers a frank discussion on a subject he is familar with — drawing on Tennent H. Bagley’s new book Spy Wars, recently published by Yale University Press. As intriguing as any rapid-paced spy novel, this book breaks open the mysterious case

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Yale University presents 24-hr Shakespeare Marathon

A 24-hr Shakespeare marathon, the first of its kind at Yale Unversity, will be held this weekend at the Old Campus. According to the Yale Daily News, a full reading of all of his 39 plays, 5 narrative poems and 154 sonnets will be performed and read on campus. A

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Show Notes for Episode 5, “Our World”

Posted by Chris Gondek, Producer/Host of the Yale Press Podcast Although it should not come as a surprise, I am a bit of a news junkie. It would be hard to do these shows if I weren’t. (I am a closet political junkie as well, but I will deny it

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Opening Day 2007

This Sunday, April 1, is opening day for the 2007 season of Major League Baseball. Yale University Press has recently released two books on America’s favorite pastime – Bart Giamatti: A Profile, by Robert P. Moncreiff, and Growing the Game: The Globalization of Major League Baseball, by Alan M. Klein.

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The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace by Ali A. Allawi, available now, is the first comprehensive account by an Iraqi insider of the occupation of Iraq and the crises that have followed in its wake. Involved

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West from Appomattox

The Chicago Tribune reivewed Heather Cox Richardson’s West from Appomattox yesterday, calling it "a substantial achievement." Read the entire review here. Listen to Chris Gondek interview Heather Cox Richardson on the Yale Press Podcast.

Remembering Gordon Matta-Clark

A new retrospective of Gordon Matta-Clark has just opened at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The New York Times calls the exhibit “excellent” and “heavenly,” a wonderful celebration of the too-short career of “this charismatic Pied Piper of experimentalism from the frontier days of what came to be called

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More Praise for Hitchcock’s Music

Hitchcock’s Music was recently featured on the website of Austin, Texas radio station KUT 90.5.  In a blog entry for the show “Aelli Unleashed,” host John Aelli wrote: It is simply one of the most stimulating, informative, and insightful books I’ve read in a long while…Jack Sullivan makes this highly

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