Podcast: Frank Lloyd Wright and San Francisco

Stanford University professor emeritus Paul V. Turner, author of the new book Frank Lloyd Wright and San Francisco, shares marvelous stories from his years of research into Frank Lloyd Wright’s work in the San Francisco Bay Area, including built and unbuilt projects. Audio below, or listen in iTunes. Further reading:

Expressive Women: Interview with Gwen F. Chanzit by David Ebony

David Ebony— When first published in an ArtNews article in 1971, the provocative question proposed by critic and art historian Linda Nochlin, “Why have there been no great women artists?” had the effect of a bombshell. Everyone in the art world realized there was a helluva lot of work to

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Sneak peek: On becoming an art collector, from an interview with Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagner

For more than 30 years, Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagner have devoted themselves to contemporary art, and through their passion and acumen have assembled an extraordinary collection. This fall, the Whitney Museum of American Art is publishing a handsome, illustrated volume that is the first to document the collection

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A Conversation with James West Davidson

Throughout the week, we’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Little History series. We’re kicking things off with the latest book, A Little History of the United States, which comes out tomorrow. The author, James West Davidson, sat down with us to preview his take on American history. Yale University

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Squeezed in Men’s Health: “The Worst Chemicals in Your Food”

Alissa Hamilton, author of Squeezed: What You Don’t Know about Orange Juice was featured in a recent article from Men’s Health magazine titled “The Worst Chemicals in Your Food.” While many orange juice brands tout their products as “all natural” and “freshly squeezed” the fruit beverage’s delicious flavor does not come

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Alissa Hamilton on the Dr. Oz Show

Last week, Alissa Hamilton appeared on the Dr. Oz Show for an interview segment, "Is Your Orange Juice Safe?" Watch the show online and read below her responses to the questions of Juice: What You Need to Know. To ensure that your orange juice is not tainted by contaminants, Dr.

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Getting Fresh: An Interview with Alissa Hamilton on Orange Juice

The following article was originally published by CUESA and also appeared on It's citrus season in California, and yet many of us are drinking orange juice out of cartons — juice from Florida oranges picked last spring, stored without oxygen and then flavored with synthetically produced "flavor packs." I

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Food Chain Radio: “Squeezed Fresh”

Alissa Hamilton was interviewed on Food Chain Radio‘s October 17th show, entitled “Squeezed Fresh.” Click here to listen to the full interview and see below for the show description: It’s pure, and natural, and squeezed fresh. And so we buy the orange juice and drink it to break our fast

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Orange Juice 101

The following article by Georgia Orcutt originally appeared in the Boston Parents Paper: It’s another morning and your household is buzzing as everyone gets up, gets dressed and grabs something to eat. Out comes the cereal, the toast, and, most likely, the orange juice. Chances are you consider it one

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Alissa Hamilton Is What She Eats: Oranges, Straight Up

The following feature originally appeared on In the feature "You Are What You Eat" I talk to Toronto personalities, musicians, artists and other interesting folks about where, how and what they eat. After all, food is the window to the soul. In this installment, I caught up with Toronto

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