Jewish Lives

The Moment of Emma Goldman

Speaking of all the revolutionary action going around—Trotsky, anarchy, Wall Street—Emma Goldman seems to have a found a perfect moment to surface as she does in Vivian Gornick’s new Jewish Lives biography, Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life. A book-based essay that Gornick has written for The Jewish

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Eminent Biography: Joshua Rubenstein on Leon Trotsky

For our latest “Eminent Biography” installment, Joshua Rubenstein reflects on his writing of the tumultuous political career of Leon Trotsky: A Revolutionary’s Life, the latest in Yale University Press’s Jewish Lives series. Often remembered as persecutor turned persecuted, Leon Trotsky was a central figure in the global political drama between

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The Forces of King Solomon

King Solomon is famous for using his wisdom to mediate weighty conflicts. Yet, in his new biography of the Biblical figure, Solomon: The Lure of Wisdom, Steven Weitzman makes it clear that Solomon’s knowledge extended to a wide variety of areas: some Jamaicans credit the king with the discovery of

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October Theme: Religion

Yale University Press is known for its extensive publications on Religious Studies. On one side of our list, there is the prestigious Anchor Yale Bible Series, but every season, there is a wealth of new titles that engage our spiritual and existential minds: whether dealing directly with divinity and scripture,

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Hank Greenberg: Always an Accidental Hero

The Detroit Tigers could really use Hank Greenberg right about now. The Cleveland Indians win on August 9 added up to an unlucky 13th straight loss for the Tigers against the team. Of course, wishing for a star player from half a decade ago would probably only contribute to the

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Hank Greenberg Steps Up to Bat

Baseball season is upon us and Hank Greenberg: The Hero Who Didn’t Want to Be One ,“a wonderful book”, according to the New York Daily News, is the newest addition to YUP’s Jewish Lives series, masterfully written by New York Times bestselling author, Mark Kurlansky. Matters of personal choice easily

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