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Gerald Ford in The Yale Book of Quotations

Posted by Fred R. Shapiro, Editor, Yale Book of Quotations: Gerald R. Ford (1913-2006) will be remembered for his decency and moderation rather than his eloquence, but, like all modern Presidents, he left a legacy of memorable quotations.  The following are his entries in The Yale Book of Quotations: An

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Most Quoted Authors in Yale Book of Quotations

Posted by Fred R. Shapiro, Editor of The Yale Book of Quotations: I am often asked about who are the most-quoted authors in The Yale Book of Quotations.  The first two are, unsurprisingly: William Shakespeare . . . 455 quotations Bible . . . 400 The next two on the

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Yale University Press mines data from Soviet archives

On Sunday The Boston Globe ran a profile of Jonathan Brent, the associate director and editorial director of Yale University Press and the executive editor of the Annals of Communism Series. The series is a 20-book project that “provides new and vivid details from documents that have been mined by

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“The Dismal Science” in The Yale Book of Quotations

Posted by Fred R. Shapiro, editor of The Yale Book of Quotations: Among the more than 12,000 quotations in The Yale Book of Quotations, many have stories to tell transcending the quotation itself.  The famous epithet for the discipline of economics, “the dismal science,” is said by some standard reference

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Quotationeer Shapiro

William Safire dubs Fred Shapiro “Quotationeer Shapiro” in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine: On the analogy of “Dictionary Johnson,” we call Fred R. Shapiro, editor of the just-published Yale Book of Quotations (well worth the $50 price), “Quotationeer Shapiro.” Like that harmless drudge, as Sam defined “lexicographer,” Shapiro does original

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Leaf through the Yale Book of Quotations with NPR’s Morning Edition

“…the joy of reading this new book of quotations is just leafing all the way through it—you get to feel scholarly and stupid at the same time…” — Steve Inskeep, NPR: Morning Edition Listen in.

Yale Gives Richard Lewis Hell

The all-new Yale Book of Quotations attributes to Richard Lewis the expression, “the (blank) from hell,” as in “I had a date from hell.” Asked how he felt these years after he created a phrase that is an integral part of daily vernacular and advertising jargon, Lewis uncharacteristically said, “I’m

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Bartlett’s, Step Aside

The Yale Book of Quotations, compiled by Fred R. Shapiro, is due out in October. But “aren’t there already books of quotations out there?” the review in Yale Alumni Magazine asks. “Do we need another? “Fred Shapiro’s answer is Yes, and yes. There are people who pick up Bartlett’s Familiar

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Green Squall

“April is the cruelest month,” T.S. Eliot once wrote, and for the last ten years, since its inception in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, has also been National Poetry Month. As part of this month-long national celebration of poetry, and in order to mitigate April’s cruelty, Yale Press

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Yale Drama Series

Yale University Press and Yale Repertory Theatre are joining forces in a new venture to support emerging playwrights. They will jointly sponsor a major new playwriting competition, The Yale Drama Series. The winner of the annual competition will be awarded the David C. Horn Prize of $10,000, publication of his/her

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