A book to lift rainy day blues

The past two weeks’ of showers in and around the tri-state area seems to have cast YUP’s neighbors into a dour humor. On gray days like these, one remembers how much of an effect the weather can have on our moods. In their book, Seasons of Life, Russell G. Foster

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Risky Business

“Imagination is something that sits up with Dad and Mom the first time their teenager stays out late.”—Lane Olinghouse Adolescent Risk Behaviors: Why Teens Experiment and Strategies to Keep Them Safe (Yale University Press, 2006) by David A. Wolfe, Peter G. Jaffe, and Claire V. Crooks is highlighted in an

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Mental Health Month

May is national Mental Health Month, a time when the mental health community encourages everyone to learn more about the warning signs of mental illness. It is estimated that nearly one in three individuals experience psychiatric symptoms every year, so it is important to recognize the significance of such signs

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Finding Support in Male-Dominated Fields

If I’m not busy every second of every day, it seems that I’m not working hard enough.  Maybe having a fulfilling personal life is incompatible with a successful career.   I feel like an emotional cafeteria, responding to what others want.  I feel responsible for everything but have no power

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Thomas Eakins Explained: An Interview with Sidney Kirkpatrick

Thomas Eakins was misunderstood in life, his brilliant work earned little acclaim, and hidden demons tortured and drove him. Yet the portraits he painted more than a century ago captivate us today, and he is now widely acclaimed as the finest portrait painter our nation has ever produced. This book

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Who am I? What am I doing here?

In an Op-Ed piece for the Washington Post, Harold Meyerson writes about “the pervasive insecurity that is inextricably part of today’s capitalism.” Invoking Richard Sennett’s new book The Culture of the New Capitalism, Myerson writes: “In the absence of a more structured work life, what Sennett sees is a more

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