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Alexander McQueen: Deliverance

Robert Fairer— The Spring/Summer 2004 Deliverance show was, for me and for many others, a uniquely memorable Alexander McQueen accomplishment.  It expressed breathtaking contradictions: a combination of the classic and the modern; a coexistence of Lee’s singular, visionary genius with the organizing structure of a well-known Hollywood movie.  It was dazzling; it invented a

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Mother-daughter Haute Couture

 How a designer’s love for her daughter changed children’s wear Emmanuelle Dirix– These days, coordinating mother-daughter outfits have an uneven reputation, but at the start of the 20th century, matching clothing for moms and their daughters became de rigueur among the Parisian fashion elite and international haute couture clients. The vogue for these

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For the Simply Chic

Pearls and a little black dress: what woman could do without them? That simplicity could become such a defining and enduring fashion choice is the legacy of the one and only, Coco Chanel. Her influence on twentieth-century fashion—from iconic images of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy to the costume jewelry and

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