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An Evergreen Politics: Representations of Women in the Posters of the Medu Art Ensemble

Antawan I. Byrd and Felicia Mings— In South Africa separate and unequal access to education, health, and economic opportunity long predated the 1948 implementation of apartheid law—as did resistance to such conditions on the part of Black, Indian, and Colored (multiracial) women. Starting in the early twentieth century, women rallied

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Multimedia Masquerade—Masks and Disguise in Contemporary Art: Interview with Pamela McClusky by David Ebony

David Ebony— As Performa 15, the performance art biennial, gets underway this week in New York, on the West Coast, Los Angeles’s Fowler Museum at UCLA hosts “Disguise: Masks and Global African Art,” an extraordinary look at the use of masks in contemporary performance art, sculpture, photography, installation and video.

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Curator Alisa LaGamma on African Art in Suspended Motion

Alisa LaGamma challenges conventional understanding of key masterpieces of African sculpture. In her new book, Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures, accompanying an exhibition currently on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the curator of the MMA’s Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas looks at

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To London, with Love: Bottled Up Memories from El Anatsui

“El Anatsui”, an exhibition organized by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, on view now until October 16, displays the intricate metal work of the Ghanaian-born sculptor and his use of bottleneck foil wrappers to invoke the legacies of postcolonialism.