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Modernism’s Other Tapestry

K. L. H. Wells — Full is a tapestry that is instantly recognizable as a work by Josef Albers, who is best known for his series Homage to the Square. Like the paintings and prints in that series, this tapestry presents a set of nested squares in deeply saturated hues

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Ep. 64 – Interview with Brenda Danilowitz about Anni Albers

Albers Foundation chief curator Brenda Danilowitz talks about the new Anni Albers retrospective exhibition and book.   Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | Soundcloud

Spotlight on Josef and Anni Albers

Ivy Sanders Schneider– Josef Albers was a hugely influential German-born American artist and educator. This week — between March 19th, the day he was born in 1888, and March 25, the day he died eighty-eight years later — we highlight aspects of his life to commemorate his work and enduring legacy. Josef

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Available Now: Albers Interaction of Color App for iPad

The wait for the Interaction of Color app for iPad is finally over. The full app, available now in the app store, is free to download, and allows you to sample Chapter 10, including accompanying text, video commentary, two interactive plates, and the palette tool. The complete app–featuring the full text, 125 plates,

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Little Bauhaus Cabin in the Woods

If you drive down a certain series of winding roads in Bethany, CT, you will come upon a classic mailbox stamped with very Bauhausian numerals, marking the entrance to 88 Beacon Road, the home of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. Housed in a quietly beautiful building designed by architect

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