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Einstein, Anglophilia, and America

Andrew Robinson— “Einstein was an Anglophile,” declared three leading US scholars of Albert Einstein—Alice Calaprice, Daniel Kennefick and Robert Schulmann—without hesitation or qualification in their study, An Einstein Encyclopedia, published by Princeton University Press in 2015, the centenary of the publication of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Yet Einstein chose to

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Ep. 31 – The Mystery of Gravity Waves and Black Holes

Scientists have finally measured gravitational waves from the collision of black holes. Marcia Bartusiak explains why this matters and talks about some of the universe’s most mysterious objects.

What Gravitational-Wave Astronomy May Reveal

Marcia Bartusiak— Early last year, the field of astrophysics announced one of its biggest discoveries. A cosmic phenomenon that Albert Einstein had predicted a century earlier was at last detected directly. Two massive black holes collided, their spectacular merger generating huge ripples—gravitational waves—in the very fabric of space-time. After spreading

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Einstein & His General Theory of Relativity

Steven Gimbel— We stand on the edge of the centenary of Albert Einstein’s greatest achievement, his general theory of relativity.  It was a work that not only changed science, it changed how we think of science and the relationship between society and science. In 1905, eleven years earlier, Einstein had

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Albert Einstein: Scientist, Pacifist, Zionist

Steven Gimbel— When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to a joint meeting of the US Congress, one could almost see the ghost of Albert Einstein in the room. Netanyahu was urging a tough stance in negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program, citing its existence as an existential threat

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