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Further Introducing Alfred Kazin to Twitter, and You

Dwight Garner’s Twitter account, regularly full of humorous gems, profound observations, combining books with his dogwalking, has tweeted a few lines ( 1… 2… 3…) inspired by Alfred Kazin over the past few days. This morning’s issue of the New York Times, featured Garner’s review of the “remarkable” Alfred Kazin’s

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Kazin biography is “rich,” “absorbing,” and “truly resonant”

Reviewers are praising Richard M. Cook for his recent Yale Press release, Alfred Kazin: A Biography. Here’s just a sampling of what they have to say. In a February 7 review, San Francisco Chronicle complimented Cook on “a fine job in recounting and interpreting his subject’s life.” They applaud Cook’s

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Cook’s Alfred Kazin a complex, fascinating subject

Richard M. Cook’s Alfred Kazin: A Biography, about one of the most important literary critics of the 20th century, has in turn become the subject of articles by literary critics from The New York Sun, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, and The New York Times Book Review. In his

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