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Ep. 35 – How House Beautiful’s Powerful Female Editor Transformed Midcentury American Design

Interview with Monica Penick about her new book Tastemaker: Elizabeth Gordon, House Beautiful, and the Postwar American Home.

Podcast: Frank Lloyd Wright and San Francisco

Stanford University professor emeritus Paul V. Turner, author of the new book Frank Lloyd Wright and San Francisco, shares marvelous stories from his years of research into Frank Lloyd Wright’s work in the San Francisco Bay Area, including built and unbuilt projects. Audio below, or listen in iTunes. Further reading:

The Houses that Louis Kahn Built

Follow @yaleARTbooks The Houses of Louis Kahn, by George H. Marcus and William Whitaker, a book about which Witold Rybczynski recently wrote “[an] exemplary study… If you thought you knew all there was to know about Kahn, read this splendid book—there is still more to learn about the greatest American

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Stanley Tigerman on Schlepping Through

Biased, passionate, and unabashedly opinionated, Stanley Tigerman is both sharply critical and idealistic—all traits that surface in his new book Schlepping Through Ambivalence: Essays on an American Architectural Condition. In this collection of essays, most previously unpublished, Tigerman reveals himself to be witty, iconoclastic, and anything but ambivalent. One of

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