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John Baldessari Cometh

Introduction for a man who needs no introduction We are excited to share the news that the gorgeous, monumental Volume One of the John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonné, featuring 500 color illustrations of work from the early, formative years of the artist’s career, is on the verge of being released.  And though

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Notes from the Field: Art Jam

Zoe Strauss is an unconventional young artist whose exciting, provocative photographic work culminates annually in a show she organizes: “Under I-95” takes place under Interstate 95 in South Philadelphia.  Her photographs are displayed on the concrete pillars that support the highway, and photocopies of the images are sold for $5

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For the Dangerous Artist, and His Admirers

When it comes to the artistic Icons of America, Jackson Pollock might not always first come to mind, though asking who else might be is an equally difficult question.  Norman Rockwell’s art offers the quintessential vision of ideal families, and those of the Hudson River School paint the American landscape.

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Rebel With an Abstract Cause

Evelyn Toynton’s forthcoming Icons of America biography, Jackson Pollock, explores how Pollock’s tortured and conflicted character transformed popular culture. Against a backdrop of criticism that found American art inferior to its European counterpart (Marcel Duchamp wrote that “The only works of art America has given are her plumbing and her bridges.”), Pollock’s controversial, even rebellious, work was provocative for generations old and new.

The Feininger “Family Business”

Covering the full breadth of Lyonel Feininger’s artistic career, a major retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, “Lyonel Feininger: At the Edge of the World”, places him as a central figure in developing early 20th-century forms and the conversations that took place between German and American styles of art.

Going a Little Nutty with Jim Nutt’s Portraits

“Jim Nutt has made some of the craziest paintings in American art” declares Canadian Art magazine in its Summer 2011 issue. The magazine’s editors apparently enjoy the craziness. Although they chose only seven books for inclusion in their “Top Summer Reading Picks” we are delighted to see that Jim Nutt:

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